Selby Bay Sailing Center 



Our facility maximizes sailing time and minimizes annual maintenance. Flying Scots are stored on their trailers, fully rigged and ready to sail.

Tenants operate electric carts and davit hoists to launch and recover their Flying Scot with minimal effort. Our systems are optimized for single-hand and family day sailing. The 140' dock is ideal for departure and landing while under sail.

SBSC is ideally located near the open waters of the bay.

The facility amenities provide casual and comfortable shore side relaxation. The adjacent wetlands are exceptional.

View of Docks

Launch Platform

View of Wetlands

Local Aquatic Wildlife

Auto Parking

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Selby Bay Sailing Center - Dry Storage Yard

Selby Bay Sailing Center - Cart and Hoist

Selby Bay Sailing Center - Picnic Pavilion